Nerds of a Certain Age – Welcome to My Thoughts

Let’s call it wisdomry! Instead of wizardry. As one ages geekily, wisdom may seem tasty. I’m seeking it.

It’s out there. So this will be writing about life with emphasis on RPGS, board games, running, fitness and whatever interests me. I give you the increasing perspective of age with a love of magic. And a crapton of nerdy, dorky, geeky thoughts.

Thanks to my friend of a decade Doug Nordwall (aka Raleel) and a journey of 1746 or more miles for the idea for this blog. For the rest of the world reading – all seven of you someday? – this distance is about 2810 kilometers. I’ll tell you more next entry. (It has to do with Gen Con.) The idea – “Nerds of a Certain Age” – just flowed right out of the conversation. So I’m running with it.

Sometimes I have to go outside my usual zone to rebuild and to find new ideas. Here’s one new idea for me that I shall try to sustain. Hopefully as a weekly thing. I’m already stockpiling columns. I will post a second one today, however here’s the official “get it started” obligatory rigamarole word vomit. Thanks for dropping by!



Sojourner: Day 202

There’s an Ingress badge called Sojourner. It’s the sole badge entirely within the player’s control, which requires a specific, constant action. Others happen as a result of play, though there’s a walking badge (Trekker) that is somewhat a choice of action. What you do for Sojourner is to hack a portal (e.g. play the game) once a day. Every day. Until you hit your milestones. It has five levels: 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, 180 and 360 days. About now you’re thinking about that Day 202 clue/title and going “hmmm he’s going for the last one.” Yes, this is Ingress, the world inside the scanner where only your phone and your agent statistics know if you hacked daily.* It’s a secret right? In reality, would anyone know if you went and stared at a historical site and registered an action in your phone?


Maybe if you took a photo. And a screen shot of your stats in your phone.

Or maybe the aliens who are coming want you to think this? If you follow the game mythology.

So Day 202 – Thursday February 8, 2017 – is my big challenge for this badge. I thought getting to Day 180 would be hard? Nope. It felt like a slide almost, and the relief of “halfway there going for bonus rounds” was awesome. Platinum is quite an achievement for anyone. I am not thinking too hard that there’s still 158 more days to go. Well maybe a little but I could give it up anytime. Anytime.

But this morning, I have the flu or the pseudo-flu: headache, chills, cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, body aches, etc. I “recovered” enough the night before to go out and try to take out some fields built the Other Team. Mistake. I then stayed out too late. Way too late. The other side comes out apparently when Agent Varianor is on the move. Eh well, I should have gone home instead of going for one more round. I didn’t.

So I sleep in with a “fuckitall who cares about a badge” attitude.

And then the snow starts.

Yep, the plan had been to get out early at 7 AM before the roads got bad and go home and sleep till noon. Before I stayed out too late.

Time for a revision Bill. Because once I’m awake…hell yeah I’m going for it.

Silently I curse my optimism at 9:30 AM when I wake up to look out at a beautiful white snowscape. Elegant crystals of feather light powder snow waft down. For a moment I’d rather be skiing. For a long moment. Anyway, roads are quite bad. Not taking my Vibe on those.

So Plan B?


Plan B.


That means walking.


After a hot cup of coffee, a banana, and some DayQuil.

So anyone should ask themself at this point: “What’s a 50 year old guy doing getting on all this thick winter clothing to go walk a mile and a half to town in a blizzard to play a game when he should be home resting because he’s damn sick?”

I ask myself that a lot on the way down.

The fresh air feels nice. Really nice. My sniffles are okay. I wave at neighbors and chat briefly about – you guessed it – the weather. I remember hiking in the dark in a similar snowstorm with friends up the bluffs in Sunderland, Mass, when I went to college. On the road to the village, I also remember to get out of the way of oncoming plows and the handful of vehicles out.

It is beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

On the way down I start composing a poem in my head. I find the closest portal. Take it back. Get the hack in. Feel suddenly tired but happy. On the way back I do more composing in my head. And think.

Why am I out?

And yeah, I love wool socks.

Maybe because I love being outdoors. Maybe because I love the walk to the village, in any season. (Yes I have some albums on G+ featuring Collinsville.) Maybe because the air helps more than any medicine for me. Maybe because this game helps me focus? Maybe because I love being on my own feet more than anything, and I miss running when it snows?

Maybe it’s because despite being horribly sick, I know I have to go home and turn on the work portal and do things for my job. Because I have responsibilities that don’t stop and nobody does my work for me. A little rebellion?

Or maybe because this is a feat of endurance and accomplishment. And I’ve got something to prove to myself still. So there’s that, and I’m going to chew on it.

Have you ever done things you can’t quite figure out?

Please tell me about it. I’m curious. Would love to read your thoughts.

*Agent statistics are private or public, depending on the player’s choice. Most people hide theirs until they get their Guardian. And for an overly long take on that, I refer you to my prior post here.img_4025


A Good Take on Ingress

I have a guest post for your entertainment. Dan’s words highlight my favorite parts of the game: exploring and exercise. You can do both in this game with a run or a hike or even a walk across Hartford. Yes, this is Ingress, the world inside the scanner that takes you to heights you’ve never seen and strange buildings in the middle of the night.

This post was originally written by Agent OneMaleHuman. He’s found many positives in the game. Maybe you’ll take a look? It’s a bit of a ramble across the countryside of his life, like any good walk or hike. (I want to do letterboxing too except, well, I’m probably busy blowing up an Enlightened portal somewhere.) Thanks Dan for letting me steal repost and slightly edit your words! And yeah, that’s not a bad point about readying for aliens. 😉img_4666

Pro Safety Tip: If you hike alone, especially in dangerous conditions, make sure someone knows where you’re hiking and when.

Dan’s Rant:

I discovered letterboxing in 2007ish. Letterboxing is a scavenger hunt on a hiking trail. The destinations are found on the Internet: a stamp book and stamp buried along any hike. You stamp the hike’s mark in your personal book as a souvenir, then you stamp your personal stamp in the buried book to say “I was here.” I thought it was such a cool idea and imagined installing vending machines in the woods as a way to monetize it and get gamers going outdoors. Imagined a leveling program too.

Late 2015 I heard a friend of a friend talking about Ingress. Instantly knew it was what I imagined, but better obviously. Joined that person’s side, The Resistance, and never saw them again. Lots of days Ingress is the only reason I leave bed. Sojourner badge alone made me leave my house for 360 consecutive days. That is incredible therapy for a depressed or obese person, but really good for anyone.

I took 2 short hikes and 1 real hike this Friday [a couple weeks ago – Editor]. Then again 2 short hikes and 1 real hike Saturday. It makes me laugh to do a real hike in snow or ice, even though I think it is slightly dangerous. The trail markers are hard to see in new snow, but often I follow GPS and go off trail. Mt Tom has a terribly icy trail, it was easier to walk through the woods for a bit. I learned it’s easier to walk through woods in winter, because summer it’s essentially walking through thick brush and spider webs.

This weekend I actually used my footprints in the snow to find my way back to my car. All of this is hilarious in my head. On my drive up to northwestern CT for a hike, I passed a bear crossing sign. Lol! Then I hiked alone in the snow!

The social aspect of Ingress is impressive. It’s practically church in the sense that it forces us to meet our neighbors. Even work together with them. Great for an introvert. Also if we are going to partake in a violent revolt or defend humanity against zombies or aliens, we will need similar apps and strategies. Ingress ❤ ❤ <3.


The Gazebo is Down!

Here’s an Ingress story from September 23, 2016. What’s a 50 year old guy doing out on a Friday night not going to bars? Playing a game. Let me take you back…


I got to go on my first official Op tonight! Op as in operation. See I’m an Agent. Yeah. This is Ingress where your neighbors, family and friends might see into a world that you can’t – and fight for it!

Can I tell you about the Op? Well no that would compromise mission security. I can tell you about one part of it. And the title – of this post.

Let’s start there. Isn’t it cool to play a game where you text other team members something like “The Gazebo is down. Repeat. The Gazebo is down.” So let me give you some context. I play in CT where there’s a fixed landmark – a gazebo; The Gazebo – that you can’t get to. The other side can. They’re always winning. And basing their fields off of this thing. I find keys to it all over. Anyone who wants one can have one. Except having the key just lets you see it and doesn’t help you kill it. It anchors dozens of fields. Fields get you score.

Smarter people than I figured out how to kill it tonight. And they nicely invited me to have a small role in this op. That was really cool. I drive to my assigned spot, and in the dark walk around a town I haven’t seen in fifteen years blowing up portals. (I still have a key as a souvenir.) They get slagged. Let me tell you it is fun. What in heck is a 50 year old guy doing peering into a world only he can see in his phone? And grinning?

Playing Ingress.

Once I am done blowing up, capturing and deploying over 22 portals (whoa!) I move my station to the beginning. The throw spot. We are supposed to throw big fields over The Gazebo to shut it down. I have to throw the first links and others will close. So. Cool!

About now you should expect a snag.


Here it comes.

I wait for the signal to throw a link to start the bigger fields. And wait.

And wait?

Why? Turns out there are problems. Big problems. Can’t link across lines. See around here there are three or four to one on the Other Side. And apparently they play Ingress all day long, link to the coast from the center of the state to block your fields after they take their Gazebo back, and have freaking hit squads when you try to win something! Like a single checkpoint. (Google for “Ingress Checkpoints” and then read please. A lot.)

Let me tell you it turned into a cool portal battle. For me.


I’m on station. Waiting. Can’t throw the links yet. Hold on. The Gazebo goes down a second time. This is unprecedented. This is awesome.

I get my first throw assignment – great coach by the way – and link to a portal I’ve never seen before. The link sizzles into the night. (No idea where it was even until days after.) I get excited! We’ll shut them down! We are fielding them.


Not fielding them.

Not even close. Something stops my second throw.


People are out trying to get the blockers down. I feel in my gut that it’s taking too long.

A car pulls up in front of me right at the portal. Now, weird thing about the game. You get a notification of an attack, but you don’t get to see the attack. I can only look at the energy levels because phone lag. Yep! Portal is going down.

There’s only one tactic in this situation. (Learned it the week before.) I use it. Again and again and again. [Later I found out there were three of them in the area not just one. Go figure.] I’m sweating. My throw guide messages me but I don’t have time to message back! My phone freezes. I get the phone going. I lose energy faster than I can hit the Power Cubes. Adrenaline floods my senses. I hold the portal and the link.

One car roars off and another one pulls in.


The links snaps. I hold the portal longer – adrenaline rising – until something bad happens. I run out of pins and energy at the same time. Whoa!




So that’s that.

I look over at the other car. They played a great game and had more players.

Time to step out and chat with the other side. It is, after all, a game.

And a darned good one.


Games With Friends (A Rare Win)

Eclipse. A 4X game of some deserved renown where the galaxy burns time and time again as species come into conflict for limited worlds and resources. Sometimes you find cooperation. Many times you do not. The winner is the player with the most accumulated Victory Points within a complex scoring system.

I have played over 75 games of Eclipse. I’ve won approximately 1 in 10. Now, I have to point out that my friend Andrew has been in many almost every single one of these games, and wins approximately 2 in 3 times. So my numbers are a little skewed. Andrew is a great thinker at games. It’s sheerly amazing what he can hold in his head and do with a game. I find it a privilege to play in a session and watch him “do his thing” even as I try to figure out how to win. Though my good buddy Kevin has shown surprising flair in the past year so I perhaps should revisit those numbers. 

I digress.

Many other friends will play Eclipse, but there’s a core who will always be ready. And so we get in game after game after game. In two and a half years, for a game that takes about four hours to play on average, this is darned good. Here’s where my friends of three decades JT and Kevin are always available – yeah they are the hardcore Winter Gamers. There’s also Sardonis, Vi (Andrew’s wife), Robin (JT’s wife) and recently Dave who join in at out big boardgames gatherings. Sean even plays remotely from Japan when he can! We have a common, complex platform that produces a different game every single time.

It’s a treat to play with them. I can’t tell you how much. And to get harassed about my play style: “Remember, this is Bill, the little Agent of Chaos.” Might I say it came as a complete shock when I won on our annual New Year’s get together. Going by the numbers, I’ve won 1 in 7 of the 6+ player games. Given that Andrew was in this one, really I’m ahead of the curve. Though he found a whole new level of fun with Mechanema (a player race).

I’ll spare you the jokes that need explanation from playing the game. Suffice it to say there were many. My rare win is icing on the cupcake for having such good friends that I can spend this time with them.

Here I must give a special shoutout to my friend JT. Have a look at this picture. To explain, this is his home system. He’s surrounded. After rallying, wiping out the Ancient hordes, and seriously improving his position, he got attacked by Sardonis. Who destroyed him. In this universe, the worlds of the Pyxis Unity got quickly paved over by victorious conquerers. This was our third official player elimination in about 100 cumulative games as a group of friends. (We’ve been chicken. Wait no. Too kind.) JT was pragmatic and phlegmatic and showed how you come back from the brink of defeat. Even if there’s a bigger defeat.

Some one of these days I’ll have to tell you about his wife Robin and the Rift Cannons. They’re a good pair.

May you find your own group of friends who know you so well that you cannot help but spend time with them!


Playing for the Bonus Round or Why Guardian Is a Stupid Badge(1)

TL; DR – get rid of the badge or change it. Here’s some reasons why.

NTL; IWR – My son Liam started playing Ingress this year. At his personal pace. He’s still doing it at his pace! He’s level 5 and quite happy with what he got when he advanced in November. (I envy his serene and measured speed at the game honestly.) So this summer, when he started, I was curious as the game started to unfold for him. After all, this is Ingress, the world inside the scanner where only you, Agent, can see the hidden SF reality where you constantly capture the flag with no end in sight. 

After he started, Liam wanted rides to the village to walk around and capture some portals. I gladly took him! Any occasion to spend time together. He had to go back to collect XM and recharge, so we went the following weeks. Then he built a field. And another. He was happy to have Dad with him and I was glad of the company. So I started reading up more on the game. The more I read the more interested I got. Some instinct made me realize that Liam needed Agent Dad on his side. I signed up. I started to play. Secretly. As I already mentioned in this blog.

Once leveling began, I studied the game harder so that I could help him (and myself). Then I started finding posts all over the Internet about the Guardian Badge. There was one awesome story about agents in England who staked out a guardian portal on Day 149 and held it so someone got the badge. That was the best tale, and what I think that was meant for. (Not what happens now though.)

After that one cool story, I started reading tale after tale about players who would lose their Guardians. A few just lost them due to play – wrong portal wrong time big fields happened. Okay that’s fair. But then there are bots and spoofers who just make the game unfun for everyone. After those, all the stories were about a member of the opposing team used a program outside the Terms of Use to go find Guardian Portals to take them out. Consider this please? If you’re charging up a portal for 30, 90, or 150 days that’s a heck of a commitment. That is a lot of investment in game play. Your effort is solely without reward if it’s removed from play (unless you count contributing toward Recharger.)

And it’s so easy to remove a Guardian. Hunting down people’s Guardians with COMM scraper programs? That’s a dick move. People do it anyway. Why deny an achievement simply because you can? (Admittedly a few people scour the Intel map and are good at identifying what might be a Guardian Portal. That’s legit, but rare. Is that the best use of time?) And yet folks do hunt Guardians. So be it. Not my thing but one has to prepare.

So. When I got to that realization that a Guardian right out where everyone could get to it wasn’t likely to make it to Onyx, at first I didn’t tell Liam. I just asked where we could go to put other Guardians in case. He wasn’t interested. He enjoys the game and plays his way. Time to buy into that then. I did. But I kept thinking as I wound up getting sucked further into Ingress.

The boy won’t get a Guardian safely away from home? Okay. What if anyone figures out he’s associated with me. They’ll try to target him too? Okay, time to defend him. What’s the best way? Draw attention away from the village. Away from his portals.

Onto me.

Onto anything.

Don’t be active at the same time so people don’t put two and two together easily.

Buy time.

Be Agent Dad.

Keep the Other Team busy.

Kicking it into overdrive, I started playing harder. (I also found the motivation that I want my team to win a Cycle for once. More on that someday when it happens.) Fielding all over the place and hoping people didn’t come to town, which is tough because the state is so green, took effort. But I kept it up. A fielding operation went through the village once. Fortunately they missed his guardian. But it was close.

September. Unique Month arrived. We had a night where we had to go to the Library. (I could sense that the Other Team was coming to town from COMM.) No one was there. I parked the car. I made Liam wait by his Guardian. I took a post 80 meters away by the street sign, brandishing phone in hand, at the easier to find portal. Thinking I can hold it for him. (What is a 50 year old guy doing on a cold night thinking he’s a new age gunslinger with a phone anyway?) A truck pulled over across the street and blew out the portal with 8 XMPs faster than I could deploy resonators. Lesson learned. They moved on though.

Then a van roared past into the library driveway to where Liam stood, pale and worried, by the little girl bronze, recharging from the 8s.

And roared out. Portal still blue.

I salute those players. They chose not to attack a level 3 portal even though there were at least three of them with 8 XMPs in that vehicle. They still got their unique visit – just not one unique capture. One in a string of dozens they had gotten that day. They dropped a key to his guardian later over by another portal. A nice gesture. While they trashed the village. Fortunately, this is a game. There’s no screaming portals and nothing really burns.

We went home. 

Once that surprise was done, having concluded my thinking, I finally explained that Platinum Guardian was the goal. After that we were playing for bonus rounds. He’d likely never get Onyx. We’d try for it anyway. Maybe we could put a few portals out of town, just on the chance that someone wouldn’t drive a few hours to take them out? Nope.


Fast Forward to November. Agent Dad stops the Other Team from scoring late on a Friday afternoon, I know I said something in COMM which must have annoyed the other player that I temporarily thwarted. What do you expect next? Said player piles in the car, comes to town with his son, and blows down everything. Everything. In a most respectful way, only leaving a single pin on most portals.

“Well that’s it Buddy. Good job on Platinum.”

He took it quite in stride. “As long as we get my portals back Dad.” So we did. Liam likes things to be the same. That’s something I like helping with. Getting them back to the way they should be. He’s patient too since it doesn’t always happen right away.

In this state, be grateful if you can get a Guardian to Platinum. Seriously. I’ve seen too many get stopped at Gold.

The Finale

Now let’s find Friday, December 16, 2016. Liam’s Guardian stopped ticking a month before. My own Guardian option had stopped at Platinum the weekend before. I find it flattering that the Other Team decided to go hunting my Guardian portals. They’ll happily cheat to try to annoy me. And really. For a game? But I digress. Liam is content with everything being the way it should be at his portals in town. He’s got to be talked into it. I get him to go out and play again for bit. It is sobering that it was the anniversary of Newtown, but I don’t remind him of that. Best to focus on the positive.

“We just need to do a couple quick things then get home to walk the dog before we go to New York to get your sister.”

“Okay Dad.”

We head to a portal that needs a retake, pin and mod. Done. It’s become something of a routine. I like it when Liam is willing to come along. Playing alone all the time you think how grand it must be for those who get to enjoy the game with someone else. I like our time playing together a lot. (Without that I’d have been done with this game months ago.)

“Buddy could you put your 5 pins on that portal please? It will make it stronger.” [It won’t raise the portal level, but it will improve the overall energy.] I’m tickled pink to have Agent Son on my team! Plus, hey, working on that Builder badge. He’s got L5 pins he can deploy. Someday, 6 pins!

“Hey look at that Dad. Onyx Guardian. My first Onyx badge.”

You could have dropped me to the ground at that moment. The boy did have a backup guardian that had gotten missed. Where? I’m not revealing. (See how I left out some details good readers? Like any good mystery writer.) I had thought we had to go interact with the portal to start the clock again, which I wasn’t going to have him do until Christmas. Nope. There it was. Won the bonus round.

“Congrats Buddy!”

And yet, what if someone had come down and taken out his guardian portal before Christmas? Or in this case before it ticked over. All that work would have been for nothing.  The sheer effort involved in getting it might be ridiculous, and for what reward? There are other badges you can use to level to 16.

Submitted for your approval: Guardian is a stupid badge. Even if I can make a good story out of going for it.


Postlude: Fixing The Badge?

How would I fix it? Assuming Niantic kept it and didn’t just delete it outright. Make it a badge for holding a portal for a length of time when someone attacks while you’re defending – in person not remotely. (Have you ever been in an intense portal contest? Your heart rate will go up.) Turn it from something that can be denied to something earned for tenacity or good play. Maybe there are other ways to fix it as well. Stop calling people the portal “Owners” and call them “Guardians”? 


(1) – As the new player – an Enlightened chap – that I met for coffee recently put it, “It’s the only badge that’s not in your control.” That’s a good point. No a great point. Here’s a cool idea – the badge – that does not match an optimal play experience. People try to target players for a variety of reasons by taking out Guardians. And riddle me this. Why not play the game for fun, instead of trying to try to deny someone else’s fun? (2)

(2) – I understand that in the earlier days of the game before I started playing, there were far fewer badges. Stopping someone from getting a Guardian to Onyx meant they might not level. So a strategic move. Yet consider this? A player who loses out on a certain amount of increased XM storage and recharge capacity still has access to L8 gear. They may be disadvantaged, yet they are still in the Heavy Hitter Club. (3) So what did you really accomplish there by continually taken out their guardians? You might have created a source of anger, taken away from their fun, and encouraged tit for tat revenge-style moves? Is that what you want to invest in a game? Just sayin.

(3) – For those folks who were prevented from joining their peers at L12 and up before Niantic added badges, my condolences. I didn’t experience this situation and can’t begin to relate. I suspect it was hard for many of you to spend all that time and effort when someone else could merely take it away with a script violating TOU and some bursters. Again, Guardian is a stupid badge.



Put Your Kids to Bed!

This is Ingress, the world inside the scanner where players do stuff in reality. 

Let’s start with yourself. Go where you feel safe. If your skill and background and expertise lets you survive in hostile places tell me your tale please because you must survive with ease where none can steal your ease of space. Indeed your skill exceeds!

Someday perhaps that level of skill?

Moving on.

If you feel unsafe, please exit the situation. Honestly, carefully, and with support if possible from friends and/or local agencies. Be gracious avoid the rapacious. If you are trapped listen rapt for a moment adept you may find apt the way past all. Or call 9-1-1.

Why? Because it’s a game. Life comes first.

If you mooks think it’s funny to play games boxing people in stop it right now.

Let’s start with others. Others in your care. Do they go where it is safe? Are they playing games or gambling with the lives of theirs? That’s the rub, if kith and kin are small and wee and easy to take into your world and yet…why?

For the sake of a win?

You must never give in to the temptation to grin as your sin peers above a chairs rest within your sight. Take them home, put them to bed, let them pull at your chin.

Never fucking play games with your kids.

Also don’t take their phones out to give yourself an edge.



“Another Burster Party!”

Or Hartford’s first First Saturday for Ingress

The cover photo is Agent BlueRatchet who made level 6 during the event! He’s a cool kid. He was a little sad that we’re Best Enemies in Pokemon Go (on opposing teams) but then remembered that we’re Best Friends in Ingress and we’re on the same team. This is the sort of thing you love to see – people meeting and having fun. When a six year old fires off his weapons in the world behind the scanner yelling “It’s another burster party!” that’s just too gawdamn cute for words. This is Ingress, the world inside your phone where a war can breakout in the streets of a city and you’ll only know if you play the game.

And it wasn’t just BlueRatchet who had fun and was fun to be around. (His hardworking Dad FreeMarketFool managed to keep BlueRatchet on task for two hours wow.) There were a good twenty five hardy agents who dared to set out into the cold winds scouring Hartford in search of AP. (And of course one who stayed inside and still earned 160,000 AP right Kate??) One agent from my team made level 9, which was great to see. Congrats again to LordSkully! Cacheman got the most kilometers walked, which was impressive. I know folks from both teams enjoyed the missions and explored. I had a nice chat with some Enlightened from Mass and Rhode Island – thanks for making the trip! – and with agents from the south: Jimie and Dralcaress.

The city itself was a battleground. Portals flashed white then green then white then blue sometimes with dizzying speed. The many folks who hared off on missions you could follow all over town in the COMM. It was awesome to have so many Agents collect AP. Spam links were tossed out of a bar where eight Enlightened showed up, built a level 8 portal, deployed a fracker, and had a party. That was amusing. I might have teamed up with Cyberassassin4 to take down a few fields. CptTuttle continued his grind to L10 – someday soon guy! The very gracious Agent bluebottlefly (a green player) enjoyed helping BlueRatchet level up. That gent was well on his way to some impressive badges.

How much AP was collected? Well according to the excellent event organizer Agent FrivolousSquid (who is really not all a frivolous fellow he’s the kind of person you want to hang around with more) and his counterpart from my team Agent Drgnlrds (another great guy), the players earned 2,400,000 AP. That’s enough to level to 8! (If you’re reading this and don’t play Ingress, Action Points are AP. When you hit level 8 you have access to the best gear which includes level 8 XMP Bursters and Ultra Strikes.)

Wandering around Hartford and just helping the team was a nice change of pace for me. (I even stopped someone on the street who I thought was playing and wasn’t and may have convinced him to try the game.) Getting to meet so many players from both sides was the real win in my book! And they had fun.

So here’s a shout out to Agents:

  • Aaronboone009
  • bendles
  • bluebottlefly
  • BlueRatchet
  • cacheman
  • CptTuttle
  • cuttyhunk
  • CyberAssassin4
  • Dralcaress
  • Droid241
  • Drgnlrds
  • Eags
  • feltknickers
  • FreeMarketFool
  • fionawolfgang
  • FrivolousSquid
  • Ghoster3211
  • Heiff
  • Jimie
  • KilledByDeath
  • LordSkully
  • nickiasaur
  • poopscones
  • PhotoMonty
  • qsic
  • TrentReznor
  • vlngrl94
  • WithAHerring (Isn’t this a great agent name if you’re a fan of Monte Python?)

Caveat: I’d like to call out everyone and provide an anecdote however I just don’t have enough brain and didn’t meet everyone.

Note to Self: Go to a Boston First Saturday for uniques and Trekker!